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It appears you have improved upon an already good program. Again my thanks, and congrats.
George Tereckski, MA

Can I simply tell you how wonderful you are? May seem like a simple thing to you, but you just restored my faith in mankind (no small thing). Thank you for your kind and speedy response.
Barbara, LA

Algebra Helper is a wonderful tool for algebra teacher who wants to easily create math lessons. Students will love its step-by-step solution of their algebra homework. Explanations given by the math tutor are excellent.
Anthony Washington, MO

I think this is a great piece of software. I applaud your efforts to bring a product to struggling math students such as myself.
Perry Huges, KY

I got 95% on my college Algebra midterm which boosted my grade back up to an A. I was down to a C and worried when I found your software. I credit your program for most of what I learned. Thanks for the quick reply.
M.B., Illinois


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