Your Algebra Homework Can Now Be Easier Than Ever!
The Algebra Helper Features and Benefits

This exciting new software blows the competition away!  Learn the same way you do in the classroom.  It's like having your teacher inside of your your beck-and-call!   Finish your homework faster than ever before!  Here are some of the key features and benefits enjoyed by our customers:

  • Allows you to enter in your own algebra problems and helps you solve them! 
  • Helps you learn algebra with step-by-step visual display
  • Deepens your understanding of basic math concepts
  • Gives logical explanations to your problems, at the level of details you need
  • Simple "click and learn", easy to use interface
  • And so much more!

The Algebra Helper can solve a wide variety of algebra problems - from grade school to College level algebra:

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"I do like the layout of the software, and the user friendliness I have loaded it on my kids computer for them to use for homework."
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Compare and see!  

We beat our competition by a landslide!   Check out the comparison chart below and you will soon learn that The Algebra Helper is way ahead of the rest!  Order The Algebra Helper Today and get that homework done! 

Software features

 Algebra Helper

Mathematica Maple TI-89 MathBlaster Sure Math
Users enter their
own algebra problems


Kewl! Kewl! Kewl! Weak! Kewl!
User-friendly algebra problem input Kewl! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak! Kewl!
Step-by-step problem solution Kewl! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak! Kewl!
Context sensitive tutoring explanations Kewl! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak!
Wizard interface for harder problems Kewl! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak!
Interactive student
solution checker
Kewl! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak!
Student controlled level of details shown Kewl! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak!
Entertainment value Weak! Weak! Weak! Weak! Kewl! Weak!

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