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If you are having trouble with complicated algebra equations I have two words for you: the Algebra Helper! Try it, I guarantee you will see results in your mathematical performance. It helped me and my friends pass our tough freshman math class.
Tim Blumberg, CA

I used your software to prepare for my algebra exam. I really like the step by step solution process and explanations.
Brittany Peters, NC

My former algebra tutor got impatient whenever I couldnt figure out an equation. I eventually got tired of her so I decided to try the software. Im so impressed with it! I cant stress enough how great it is!
Joseph K., MN

My son used your algebra software during this school year. He felt it provided him additional support that was not always available at school and helped produce an A for both semesters. In addition, he felt that the software was an excellent review for the final exam. Today I am happy to say that I purchased the Algebra Software as a resource for him.
James Grinols, MN


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