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Registered: 14.08.2003

Posted: Sunday 19th of Nov 18:01    

Friends, I am having a very tough time with my homework on College Algebra. I was of the opinion that this would be easy and hence didn’t care to have a look at it till now. When I sat down to work on the problems today, I found it to be rather unsolvable. Can someone aid me by offering information on the existing utilities that can help me with brushing up my fundamentals on , and topic-kwds.
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Registered: 21.03.2005
From: Prague, Czech Republic

Posted: Tuesday 21st of Nov 09:49    

How about some more particulars about your difficulty with do my algebra ? I might be able to help you with. If you are not able to get a good assistance or some one to sit and sort out your problem or if if it is too expensive, then there might be another solution to your problem. There are some good math programs that you can try. I checked them out myself. It came across to me as excellent as any tutor can be. I would choose Algebra Helper for the kind of solutions that you are looking for. What is pretty about it is that it takes you step by step to the answer rather than plainly giving the answer. Why not give it a try?
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Registered: 13.03.2002
From: Omnipresent

Posted: Tuesday 21st of Nov 20:44    

Algebra Helper has helped students all over the world. It is a very nice piece of software and I would recommend it to every student who has problems with their homework.
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Registered: 10.09.2002

Posted: Thursday 23rd of Nov 17:40    

Recommended by experts! I must say this program sounds really interesting. Can I use it once?
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Registered: 21.08.2001

Posted: Friday 24th of Nov 09:01    

You can download this software from There are some demos available to see if it is really what you are looking for and if you are interested, you can get a licensed version for a nominal amount.
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