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Fraction Competency Packet

Subtract :

Multiplication of Fractions


Note: LCD is not needed to multiply fractions.
Change mixed numbers to improper fractions
Before multiplying, reduce by dividing any numerator
with any denominator with a common factor . (3 and 6
have a common factor of 3)
Multiply numerators and denominators
Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.


Division of Fractions



Note: One fraction divided by another may be expressed in either way shown above. Also, LCD is not
needed to divide fractions.

and Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions
Invert the divisor . (Turn the fraction after the
division sign upside down)
Reduce if possible. (4 and 8 have a common factor )
Multiply numerators and denominators
Convert to a mixed number and reduce if needed.

Divide these fractions. Reduce to lowest terms !

Some Fraction Word Problems

Example 1:
One day Ashley biked of a mile before lunch and of a mile after lunch. How far
did she cycle that day?

Note: this problem is asking you to add the distances traveled.
To add fractions, find a LCD (8).
  Add the numerators; keep the denominators.
Convert improper fraction to a mixed number; reduce if
Ashley cycled miles that day.
Example 2:
A tailor needs yards of fabric to make a jacket. How many jackets can he make
with yards of fabric?

Note: this problem is asking you to divide.
To divide fractions, convert mixed numbers to improper
Invert the divisor and reduce if possible, (39 and 13 have a
common factor, as do 2 and 4).
Multiply numerators and denominators.
The tailor can make 3 jackets from yards of fabric.

Solve the following problems.
1. An empty box weighs pounds. It is then filled with pounds of fruit. What is
the weight of the box when it is full?

2. Yanni is making formula for the baby . Each bottle contains scoops of formula.
The formula container holds 320 scoops of formula. How many bottles of formula
can Yanni make?

3. Miguel bought pounds of hamburger, pounds of sliced turkey, and 2 pounds
of cheese. What was the total weight of all of his purchases?

4. Sheila had 8 yards of fabric. She used yards to make a dress. How much fabric
does she have left?

5. A father leaves his money to his four children. The first received , the second
received , and the third received . How much did the remaining child receive?
(Hint: You can think of father’s money as one whole.)

6. Find the total perimeter ( sum of the sides ) of an equilateral triangle, (triangle with
equal sides), if each side measures inches.

Answers to Fractions Competency Packet

2) 50 bottles
4) yards
5)of the money
6) inches
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