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4 hours lecture, 1 hour laboratory, 4 units

Catalog Description
Review of the fundamentals of arithmetic including addition , subtraction , multiplication and division with emphasis
on mental arithmetic. Operations with fractions , decimals and percents are also emphasized. The derivation and
use of selected measurement concepts and the development of pre-algebra ideas such as variable, signed
numbers and equations are included. Area and volume formulas for fundamental shapes are stressed. These
topics are explored in the context of problem solving and appropriate calculator use. Offered as Credit/No Credit
only. Non-associate degree applicable.



Course Objectives
Students will be able to:
1) Use tutorial software to develop mathematical skills
2) Formulate tools for success in future mathematics courses
3) Recognize and correct computational errors
4) Perform fundamental arithmetic operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using
5) Calculate using multiple operations including powers and roots of whole numbers
6) Perform calculations with fractions including basic arithmetic operations, reducing fractions , simplifying
complex fractions and simplifying powers and roots of fractions
7) Convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions
8) Convert decimals to percents and fractions to percents
9) Solve word problems involving percents, linear measures , areas, volumes, weight and/or time
10) Reduce rates and ratios to lowest terms and use proportions to solve word problems
11) Perform fundamental operations with integers and absolute value
12) Simplify algebraic expressions and solve simple equations
13) Select and use calculators appropriately as related to topics studied

Special Materials Required of Student

Minimum Instructional Facilities
1) Standard classroom with whiteboards covering three walls, graphing utility and viewscreen, multimedia
computer station with projection capability, overhead projector
2) Computer lab with 42 computers, whiteboards covering three walls, multimedia computer station with projection
capability, overhead projector, appropriate software for integrated computer instruction

Course Content
1) Operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percents
2) Whole number exponents and roots
3) Scientific notation
4) Ratios and proportions
5) Definitions of shapes, perimeter, area, volume and units of measurements
6) Derivation and use of measurement formulas
7) Conversion of measurement formulas
8) Metric system
9) Identify and manipulate variables using arithmetic operations
10) Operations with and use of signed numbers
11) Solving equations in one variable
12) Appropriate use of calculators to factor integers and simplify expressions with combined operations, power and

Method of Instruction

1) Lecture and discussion
2) Teamwork
3) Instructor-guided discovery
4) Computer-facilitated instruction

Method of Evaluation

A grading system will be established by the instructor and implemented uniformly. Grades will be based on
demonstrated proficiency in subject matter determined by multiple measurements for evaluation, one of which must
be essay exams, skills demonstration or, where appropriate, the symbol system.
1) Independent exploration activities
2) Midterm
3) In-class final exam (comprehensive)

Texts and References
1) Required: Bittenger. Basic Mathematics. 9th edition.
2) Supplemental: None

Exit Skills
Students having successfully completed this course exit with the following skills, competencies and/or knowledge:
1) Using the basic operations over the rational numbers
2) Evaluate exponents and square roots of whole numbers
3) Solving basic calculations involving geometric measurement and formulas of two-dimensional and three-
dimensional objects in standard and metric units
4) Relationships between decimals, fractions and percents and their application in problems involving proportions
5) Using technology in calculating and checking the reasonableness of a solution through estimation
6) The concepts of factors, multiples and the Distributive Property
7) Solving and applying simple linear equations
8) Plotting points on a rectangular coordinate system

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