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Course Description: Instruction in analytical and problem-solving skills for business
applications. Includes typical business scenarios and case studies for “ real life
experience for the students. Prerequisites: High school or equivalent instruction in basic
arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division .

Objectives: Every student will be able to:
· Apply basic math skills in office applications
· Follow and analytical process in problem solving
· Demonstrate problem- solving skills
· Recognize the value of mathematical; analysis in presentations and reports
· Demonstrate the ability to display results in a graphical or meaningful way

Rationale : Basic math skills are required in the business community. This course will
enable students to efficiently apply the learned skills in daily office duties.

Required Material: Basic Business Math: A Life-Skills Approach, Richard P. Truchon,
ISBN 1-56052-448-0

Type of Course: Short Course

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on their competency in performing a variety of
hands-on exercises throughout the course. In order to grant CEU credit for a course the
students must be able to complete assessment exercises for each part of the course given
by the instructor. The instructor will validate each participant’s achievement of the course
objectives by signing and awarding individual certificates of completion.

Course Outline:

I. Working with whole numbers 1 hour
  1. Rounding
  2. Addition, subtraction, multiplications, division
II. Working with fractions 1 hour
  1. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division  
III. Working with decimals 1 ½ hour
  1. Converting fraction to decimals
  2. Converting decimals to fractions
  3. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  4. Rounding
IV. Calculating percentages 1 hour
V. Using equations 1 hour
VI. Understanding formulas 1 hour
VII. Using statistics and analysis 2 hours
VIII. Applying math skills to business applications 3 ½ hours
  1. Commissions
  2. Mark ups
  3. Mark downs
  4. Discounts
  5. Taxes
  6. Interest
  7. Installments
IX. Presenting results in graphs and charts 2 hours
X. Introduction to algebra 1 hour
XI. Metric system 1 hour
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