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Instructor: Tom Riddle

Elementary and Intermediate Algebra; Charles P McKeague; 3rd edition,
Thomson, Brooks/Cole 2004

Office Hours: I have no office on Campus but will meet with any Student who needs
help. Contact me in or after class (I will remain until all students have left),by phone or
by email. I will attempt to answer email every day but do not assume an appointment
has been made if I have not sent a verification return email.

Course Description: This course is a continuation of Math 021. Subjects include linear
and quadratic equations and inequalities ; graphs; algebraic fractions; 2x2 and 3x3
systems of linear equations ; and complex numbers. Course Assignments are in the
attached matrix course topics are:

Chapter Section Topic
4 1 Multiplication with exponents
  2 Division with exponents
5 1 The greatest common factor and factoring with grouping
  2 Factoring trinomials (a=1)
  3 Factoring trinomials with a ≠ 1
  4 The difference of two squares
  5 The sum and difference of two cubes
  6 Factoring: A general review
  7 Solving equations by factoring
  8 Solving equations by factoring
6 1 Reducing rational expressions to lowest terms
  2 Multiplication and division of rational expressions
  3 Addition and subtraction of rational expressions.
  4 Equations involving rational expressions
  5 Application (Rational expressions)
  6 Complex fractions
  7 Proportions
7 1 Review of solving equations
  2 Equations with absolute value
  3 Compound inequalities and interval notation
  4 Inequalities involving absolute value
  5 Review of 2x2 system of linear equations
  6 3x3 System of linear equations
  7 Linear Inequalities in two variables
7 8 Systems of linear inequalities
8 1 The slope of a line
  2 The equation of a line
  3 Introduction to functions
  4 Function notation
  5 Algebra and composition with functions
  6 Variations
9 1 Rational exponents
  2 Rational exponents 2
  3 Simplified form for radicals
  4 Addition and Subtraction of radical expressions
  5 Equations with radicals
  7 Complex numbers
10 1 Completing the square
  2 The quadratic formula
  3 The discriminate and building equations from roots
  4 Equations in quadratic form
  5 Graphing parabolas
  6 Quadratic Inequalities

Homework: I will check homework every class and I will give a quiz each class period
based on the homework assigned for that class period. You should plan on at least 2.5
hours of outside study for every class period. Homework is assigned in the attached
matrix. Two copies are provided, detach one and put in a safe place if you loose the
original. Section titles and numbers are shown in the table at the end of this syllabus.
You are assigned to read the chapters that will be covered in class. You should come to
class ready to ask questions on any homework problem you were unable to solve. An
opportunity to ask questions on the homework will be provided before each quiz.

Grades: I will base grades on a combination of quizzes, homework, tests, and the
comprehensive final. I will use class participation to decide whether to upgrade an
average that is less than one percentage point from the next break point. Class
participation includes answering questions and doing board problems. I will attempt to
give you a few minutes to do board problems at your desk before asking you to come to
the board. Usually I will ask you to do board problems in groups of 2. I will help you if
you have a problem. Articulating your answer to your peers is an important part of your
math education and is a course requirement. There will be 22 quizzes worth 6 points
each and I will drop the three lowest quiz scores for a total of 114 points. I will not
issue a makeup quiz. If you miss a class the missed quiz will be one of your low grades.
I give partial credit for work shown, be sure to take the time to show all steps in your
thought process. If it is a word problem a sketch is required and will be part of the
grade. I do not give partial credit if work is not shown. I will ask you to display your
homework at the beginning of each class. If you have attempted each problem you will
receive 6 points. If not no points will be awarded. If you miss class I will accept the
homework at and only at the first class you are present at . I will not review your
homework for credit after the due date.

There will be three tests worth 100 points each and the final will combine a test of
chapter 11 with a comprehensive final is worth 300 pts.

Event Points
quizzes 114
homework 132
Test I 100
Test II 100
Test III 100
Final 300
Total 846

Grades will be based on total points. Letter grades will be awarded on the following

A 90-100% of total points 822-740
B 80-89% of total points 739-658
C 70-79% of total points 657-575
D 60-69% of total points 574-493
F 0-59% of total points 492-0

Students may bring one handwritten (no mechanically produced, printed, or photocopied
sheets allowed) notes sheet to all tests and quizzes. The notes sheet can be written on
one side only, the other side must be blank. Sheet can be no larger than 8.5x11inches.
Sheet must be the student’s own work. Two 8.5x11 inch note pages front and back are
allowed for the final.

Make up of missed classes. Attendance is important. Work or illness may make
attendance occasionally impossible. Students should identify a study buddy to take notes
for them if they are going to miss. You are responsible for the material if you miss.
Regular exams may be made up with a good reason. I will attempt to make them of
equal difficulty but difficulty is a relative thing so it may be harder for any one
individual. It will be totally different than the original. There will be no benefit from
“learning what is on the exam”. Math is cumulative and difficult to make up, make every
effort to not miss class. I reserve the right to modify the assignment sheet at any time. If
you miss be sure to ask your study buddy if that occurred.

Extra Help. Math is extremely difficult if you get behind. If you don’t understand
topics ask for help early. I will come to class early or stay late to provide individual help
if necessary. Coordinate by phone or in person in class. If regular help is needed you
should use the tutoring service in the learning center.

Code of Student Conduct. Honesty and integrity is non-negotiable. See WVU-Ps
student handbook section on Code of Student Conduct. You can work together to study
or on homework. If you do so, make sure both names are on the work. All tests and
quizzes must be your own work.

Cell Phones: Put your cell phones on vibrate or turn off.

Calculator: You must have a graphing calculator. If this is not your last math class I
highly recommend a TI-83 series calculator . That is the type I will demonstrate in class
and is required for all higher math courses here. There will be a bonus question on each
test that will require the TI-83 or 84 calculator.

Social Justice: West Virginia University at Parkersburg is committed to social justice.
Our college does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, veteran
status, religion, sexual orientation, color, or national origin. Any suggestions which may
promote a positive and open environment in this class will be appreciated and given
serious consideration.
If you are a person with a disability who may require and anticipate needing any type of
accommodation in order to participate in this class, please advise me and make
appropriate arrangements with the Office of Disability Services (424-8378).

Class and final timeTime:

Call No Course Day Start Stop Final
1559 Intermediate
Math 022
4:30PM 6:35PM Thursday
8 May

Do not miss the final. If you miss call me immediately. I have a very short
window to submit grades (often no more than 24 hours) and once I do I can’t offer a

Class Schedule: The following schedule is tentative. I reserve the right to speed up or
slow down as needed. I will confirm the next class assignments at the conclusion of
each class.

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