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Elementary Algebra Syllabus

I. Course Objectives

Students will exhibit knowledge of:
Real number arithmetic
Solving linear equations
• Solving quadratic equations
• Polynomial arithmetic
• Factoring
• Introduction to graphing
• Solving applied problems

II. Topics to Be Studied
How will course objectives be met?

A. Definition of Number Systems
• Natural
• Whole
• Integer
• Rational
• Irrational
• Real

B. Operation (Integers and Reals)
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division

C. Order of Operations
should include grouping symbols , possibly powers and roots and problems
without grouping symbols.

D. Properties of Real Numbers
• Commutative for (+,x)
• Associative for (+,x)
• Identities for (+,x)
• Inverses for (+,x)
• Distributive

E. Absolute value of real numbers.

F. Solving linear equation. Should include:
• Variables, both side
• Grouping symbols at least parenthesis
• Simple equations involving fractions with numerical denominators
• Discussion of identities
• Discussion of no solution equations
• Application
Formula manipulation
• Percent problems

G. Solve and sketch graph of solutions to simple linear inequalities in one variable.

H. Slope of lines

I. Equation of lines - slope intercept and point-slope form.

J. Sketch the graph of a linear equation in two variables .
• Discuss x = c where c is real.
• Discuss y = c where c is real.

K. Solve a system of linear equations in two variables.
• By graphical means
• By elimination method
• By substitution method
• Dependent, inconsistent systems
• Applications

L. Laws of exponents . Exponents that are integer in nature.
• ax ay = ax + y
• (ax)y = axy
• ax/ay = ax - y if a 0
• (ab)x = ax bx

M. Operations with polynomials - Terminology
a. Addition and subtraction of polynomials
b. Multiplication of polynomials
• monomial by monomial
• monomial by polynomial
binomial by binomial
• binomial by trinomial
c. Division by polynomials
• Divide a polynomial by monomial
• Divide a polynomial by binomial

N. Factoring Algebraic Expressions
a. Find greatest monomial factor
b. Difference of squares
c. Trinomials - one or two variables
• leading coefficient of one
• leading coefficient other than one
d. Combinations of above

O. Express a square root in simplest radical form

P. Quadratic Equations - Real solutions only
• Definition of above
• Solving by factoring


A. Compound inequalities - Solution and Graphs of solutions

B. Rational Expression - Algebraic fraction
• Express simplest terms
• Multiplication and Division
• Addition and Subtraction
• Equations involving variables in denominator
• Applications
• Complex fractions

C. Roots and Radicals - Only square roots
• Evaluate square root of perfect square
• Express radicals simplest form
• Addition and subtraction of radicals
• Multiplication radicals
• Dividing radical expressions
• Solving equations involving radicals

D. a. Solving by quadratic equation
• Sketching graph of quadratic equation in 2 variables by plotting
• Solving Quadratics by completing square.

E. Application of Quadratic Equations

F. Complex Numbers
• Definition
• Addition and Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division

G. Solutions of Quadratics with Complex Roots

H. Ratio and Proportion Problems

I. Sketching graph of linear inequality in two variables.

III. Special Projects to Be Included in Course

Research papers Reports
Surveys Annotated bibliographies


IV. Methods of Student Evaluation
Tests (how many? how often? what type?)
Oral Presentations
Written Papers
Laboratory Activities
Clinical Experiences

Tests: 3-7 objective exams
Quizzes: optional
Final: Comprehensive
No Calculators
Grading Scale:
92-100% = A
83- 91% = B
74- 82% = C
70- 73% = D
Below 73% = F

V. Assessment of Outcomes
What measurements will be used to demonstrate that outcomes have been
reached? (Refers to class as a whole, not individual students.)

VI. Other Information
What additional information will help to clarify the course?

I. Prerequisites: Math 011 (Arithmetic), satisfactory score on placement test
(A test), or consent of full-time department member.
II. Non-transfer course - developmental.
III. Offered Fall/Spring/ Summer on both Parkersburg and Jackson County
Center Campuses, both day and evening classes.

III. Special Projects to Be Included in Course:

Research papers Reports
Surveys Annotated bibliographies


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