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Mathematics Courses

Standard of Progress

All students at Lewis College of Business must progress satisfactorily
towards completion of a chosen academic or vocational program.
Lewis College of Business is required by federal law to define and enforce
standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. The Guidelines
are established to encourage students to successfully complete courses
for which aid is received.

Students receiving financial aid will be evaluated at the end of
each academic year (fall and winter semesters). The qualitative component
of the policy will evaluate a student’s grades at the end of
each academic year while the quantitative component will measure
the maximum time frame for completion.

In order to receive any Federal Title IV funds (Federal Direct
Loans, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Pell, Federal Supplemental Educational
Opportunity Grants and Federal College Work-Study); a student
must maintain satisfactory academic progress as outlined below:

zCredit hours completed 1st sem 2nd sem 3rd sem 4th sem
Full time 1-12 13-25 26-38 39 - above
Three quarter 1-9 10-19 18-27 28 – above
Half time 1-6 7-13 14-20 21 – above
Minimum Cum. GPA 1.00 1.25 1.75 2.00

A student is required to complete his/her degree and/or certificate
requirements at LCB within 150% of the time that it is scheduled
to take for a student to graduate. Therefore, a full-time undergraduate
student pursuing a two -year course of study may be allowed
up to 6 semesters to complete a degree if the student is attending full
time each semester. Students must be enrolled in a degree program
and must be enrolled at least halftime in order to quality for Federal
Direct Loans. Students, who are enrolled less than half time, may receive
Pell Grants. The time frame for completion will be pro-rated
accordingly. A student enrolled in less than 6 hours must pass all
hours attempted with the minimum required cumulative grade point

MAT 220 Calculus I ( Prerequisite MAT 150, MAT 200)
Topics include functions, transformations of functions, complex numbers ,
and advanced concepts in graphing combinations of functions,
continuity, rational roots , inverses of functions, exponential and logarithmic
functions, partial fractions and conic sections . (3 credit hours)

MAT 221 Calculus II (Prerequisite MAT 220)
Topics included are functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, integrals
and integration techniques, series, sequences, vectors, and differential
equations. (3 credit hours)

MAT 099: Basic Math
This course continues development of arithmetic skills, including review
of fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and proportions ; and
introduces measurement, descriptive statistics, geometry and algebra.
Learning Center attendance is required. This course is graded
Pass/Fail. [offered annual: FA, WI, SP] (4 credit hours)

MAT 110 Business Mathematics
Course coverage includes a review of operations with whole numbers,
fractions, decimals and percents; ratio and proportion; bank reconciliation;
base, rate, and percentage; trade and cash discounts; markups
and markdowns; interest; present value and other investment concepts;
payroll determination; real estate; insurance; and methods of
. [offered annual: FA, WI, SP] (3 credit hours)

MAT 120 Intermediate Algebra
In this course, students are introduced to set theory as it applies to
solving inequalities; more techniques in factoring polynomials; solving
equations in absolute value and in complex rational expressions and
roots ; graphing; and simultaneous equations. [offered annual: FA,
WI] (3 credit hours)

MAT 150 College Algebra (Prerequisite: pass or test out of MAT 120)
Topics include algebra review , equations and inequalities, functions
and graphs, polynomial and rational function, exponential and logarithmic
functions, system of equations, matrices and determinants,
and sequence series and probability. [offered 2-yr cycle: FA 2005,
2007, etc.] (3 credit hours)

MAT 200 Trigonometry (Prerequisite MAT 150)
This course deals with the relationships among the sides of triangles. It
examines the properties , which arise from these relationships and their
application to problem solving. Topic coverage includes basic trigono-

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