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Math Assignment Sheet

Math Assignment Sheet

All assignments listed on this assignment sheet include both book assignments and a worksheets from the packet. (Note: Worksheets have answers in the packet so you need to read, study and re-work them on your own notebook paper) Most assignments related to the textbook must be done on-line. MathXL is the program you will need to do the on- line homework .

The MathXL assignments follow the same order as the textbook assignment sheet.

Each MathXL assignment is worth 100 points and the computer grades it for you so you will know how many points you will receive for each assignment.

Your MathXl cumulative grade will be approximately the same as one exam grade so to pass this class you must do your MathXL homework.

All textbook work is extra credit because you have so much work to do on line that is required .

Do you have to do every textbook assignment? No! All Textbook Assignments are extra credit.

Do you have to do every on-line MathXL assignment? Yes!

Can you pass the class without doing the on-line homework? Probably not!!!!!

Can you pass the course with out purchasing a textbook? Probably.

Do I recommend you get a book and a solution manuel ? Yes, I would suggest you buy them and use them.

When is online homework due? Check the online schedule.

Can you turn in on-line homework late? No! It is due when it is due. No excuses!

When is textbook homework due? On exam day.


A. Write the assignment number from this sheet , the page number and the problem
numbers from the book assignment on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of your homework paper.

B. Papers clip these assignments together in the order they appear on this sheet.

C. Turn your textbook work in on the day you take your exam. Online homework is due
more often and you will have to check your MathXL to find the due dates. You must put this assignment sheet on top of any textbook work that you do as a cover sheet.

D. Any textbook assignment that you have completed must be highlighted with a high lighter on this assignment sheet. Do not highlight anything you have not done. Highlighting this assignment sheet will indicate both to you and to me what you have completed from your textbook.

E. All textbook assignments should be correctly completed and graded by you. You have the answers to the assigned problems in the back of your book.

F. Worksheets from the packet have answers on them. You should solve the problems on
them showing all work like you do for textbook assignments.

G. You MUST record your score on your grade tally sheet. You get a completion grade for
all textbook and online homework. Give yourself 5 points for each completed and corrected regular textbook homework assignment most of which will count as extra credit. Record that score on the homework line on your grade tally sheet.

H. Your on-line homework grade will be recorded by me and added to the homework line. YOU MUST DO THE ON-LINE HOMEWORK IN MATHXL IF YOU EXPECT TO PASS THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!

I. Give yourself 10 points for each extra credit assignment that is indicated your
assignment sheet with a ** that you complete. Review Exercises and Practice Test are extra credit assignments and are labeled with **. They should be highlighted in a different color (for example use a yellow highlighter for completed daily textbook assignments and a pink highlighter to indicate any ** extra credit completed assignments). Record this on the line for extra credit assignments on your grade tally sheet.

J. You must show all work to get credit for extra credit assignments. Review Exercises
and Practice Tests are good things to do to help you to study for your exam. Be sure you do those because you earn lots of points for doing them.

K. Do not include daily pop tests from the packet with assignments from this assignment
sheet – daily pop test do not have answers on them – we go over most of these in class.

L. You should read the material in the textbook that precedes each homework lesson. If you have trouble completing your homework, you should use your study guide to help you, go for free tutoring in the math tutoring room L245, go to the learning center for help, see me during my office hours or work with someone in your group. MathXL has great help in the program to tutor you.

M. All work must be shown on your textbook homework paper. I will not give you credit
for completing an assignment if you just write the problem and the answer especially if the problem is complicated and requires several steps . My philosophy is if I cannot do the problem in my head, I assume you cannot do it in your head. If the problem is simple and can be done in your head in one step, then please do it that way.

N. You may call Mrs. Wagner in her office 979-209-7369; however, I prefer email . I will respond as soon as possible. It is best to try to reach me by e-mail. I will respond ASAP.

O. Be sure to re-work and study your daily pop tests and old exams in the Library to help you to study for your exam.

P. The material in your text book is material that you are supposed to already know is found in Apendix A Review and Apendix B Graphing Utilities . We will not spend class time reviewing this material most of this is material you should already know. Because you have so many problems to do for review that are in the packet the textbook problems in Apendix A Review and Apendix B Graphing Utilities (labeled with *) are optional and will be counted as extra credit assignments which you will be given 5 points each for completing. The Chapter Reviews and Chapter Tests (labeled with **) will be counted as 10 points each. To earn the most extra credit points do the Chapter Review and the Chapter Test first. If you find that you do not have a firm grasp of these basic concepts, then you should consider taking one of the classes that precedes this course. The material that is in Apendix A Review and Apendix B Graphing Utilities in your book is covered in detail in M0312. There are not many days to change classes so make your decision quickly so that you do not loose your money or your time.

Q. You will be expected to do all the assigned online textbook assignments Chapter F.1 –
F.4, Appendix A.5, Chapters 1 – 4, Chapter 5.2 and Chapter 6 on line in MathXL. These assignments are graphing assignments, which pertain to the material that is essential to this class. Each regular assignment is worth 10 points. Any on-line textbook assignment will count against your grade if you do not complete it.

R. This is a “functions class and a learn to graph class”. The purpose of this class is to teach you to work with functions and learn to recognize equations of different types, graph them, interpret what they are telling you, i.e. You must learn to understand the equations we cover and the graphs they form. You should be able to recognize what a function is, describe and understand it’s characteristics and graph it.

S. You MUST bring your calculator to class everyday.

T. If you have financial problems at the beginning of the semester, I have a textbook and
a blank packet on file in the library for you to use.

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