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1. Homework and projects will be assigned throughout the semester. Due dates will be
given when the assignments are announced in class. If you are absent from the
classroom when the assignments are made, you are still expected to submit the
assignment on the given due date. You are required to speak with me in person during
office hours if you miss getting the assignment during class. I will not give assignment
information out over the phone or by email.

2. Since the homework will account for a portion of the final grade in the course, you must
do your own work. While it is acceptable to consult with each other on these
assignments, it is not acceptable to copy another student’s work or to allow other
students to copy your work. This is a form of plagiarism and will result in a penalty that
includes (but is not limited to) a grade of zero on that assignment for all parties involved.

3. The homework assignments from the text book must be done on loose leaf paper (not
spiral bound notebooks) and brought to every class meeting. All the pages containing the
solutions to the assigned problems for a particular day must be stapled together before
class begins. You are required to use strictly correct mathematical notation when
showing work and giving answers for all problems. Failure to use correct mathematical
notation will result in a loss of credit, regardless of the final answer.

4. All submitted papers must be neat, legible and properly formatted. Problems must be
submitted in the order they are assigned. If I cannot read your writing, if you fail to use
correct mathematical notation for all work and answers, or if the sequence of steps
required to solve a problem is incomplete or disorganized, you will receive zero credit for
the problem, regardless of whether the answer is correct or not.

5. You will be required to submit some text assignments for a grade. When any
assignment is called for, you will be required to submit the assigned problems
immediately. If you are not present in the classroom when the problems are requested, if
you submit multiple pages that are not stapled together, if you do not have the problems
with you in class, or if you have not done the requested problems before hand and outside
of class, you will receive a grade of zero. No exceptions.

6. You are required to purchase an access code that will allow you to access the online
homework portion of this course called MathXL. This code either came packaged with the
textbook or it can be purchased by going to the Pearson web site or by going to the
campus bookstore.

7. Computer problems often occur. If you are unable to complete the online MathXL
assignment for any reason, there are no makeups or extensions. MathXL assignments
not completed on time due to computer problems, illness, tardiness or any other reason
will receive a grade of zero.

8. All material and dates are subject to change. Any changes made to the schedule or
assignments will be made during class time or by emails sent to the entire class using the
students’ email addresses. Each student is responsible for keeping track of
any announcements and assignments made in class and for following all instructions
given in the syllabus and during class.


Mathematics is a language and, like any language, you need to learn how to
communicate your ideas effectively. Much of this communication will be in the form of
homework, quizzes, and exams. Most of the feedback you receive will come from your
homework. Exams and quizzes will be your opportunity to demonstrate that you have
acquired the ability to use correct and concise mathematical notation to demonstrate your
understanding of various topics.

In order to provide you with meaningful and worthwhile feedback on your homework, you
will be required to present your work in an easy to read, easy to navigate format. Your
work must enhance your communication, not impede it. Here are a few things that you
will be required to do when submitting homework.

• Your handwriting must be legible. Final answers MUST be highlighted or boxed. For
assignments from the course packet, blanks and boxes have been provided. For
textbook assignment, you must write out the entire problem and then highlight or box
the final answer.

• All assignments must be done in pencil. Pens and markers may only be used to write
questions or highlight final answers. Errors must be erased, not scratched out.

• Homework with multiple pages must be stapled in the upper left-hand corner. If
multiple-page homework assignments are not stapled, they receive zero credit.
Folded corners and paper clips are not acceptable.

• In the upper right-hand corner of the top sheet you must write, in this order:
your last name and due date
your Blinn ID
course number and section

• The first page of the textbook assignment must have a heading that gives the course
(MATH 2412) and the assignment (i.e. p. 12, homework assigned Sept. 3), and a list of
the assigned problems.

• Problems must be clearly labeled and numbered on the left side of the page. There
must be at least one blank line between each problem. Do not write in the left margin.

• Problems must be written and solved in the order they are assigned.

• All work and final answers must be shown in strictly correct mathematical notation.
Numerical answers that are given without notation that provides meaning for the
number will be counted as incorrect.; i.e. “2” is not an acceptable answer, but “x = 2”
or “n(S) = 2” or “2 dogs” would be acceptable (depending on the statement of the
problem). Answers not given in acceptable mathematical format receive zero credit.

• Incorrectly formatted assignments will not receive full credit and may receive a grade
of zero. The due date and time for these homework assignments are announced in
class. Any assignment submitted after the due date and time will receive a grade of

Here is an example of the proper format for the textbook assignments.

Smith HW 2/3/09
Blinn ID 555555
Math 2412 - A1

Math 2412 p. 439: 13 - 16,20,21 p. 510: 1,5,7,9

p. 439

13. [Write the problem, show all work neatly, using correct mathematical notation]

Write and box answer; use
correct mathematical notation

14. [Write the problem, show all work neatly, using correct mathematical notation

Write and box answer; use
correct mathematical notation

15. [Write the problem show all work neatly, using correct mathematical notation]

Write and box answer; use
correct mathematical notation


review and exercise topics textbook assignments
factoring techniques A29: 2 - 5,7,9,10 A31: 138
laws of exponents A10: 4,8 274: 83 - 86
rational expressions A41: 1 - 4
roots and rational expressions A87: 3 - 6,[111,113 - give both and exact answer
and an approximate answer]
solving equations A51: 7,8,134
lines 31: 1 - 10,112,129 - 132,136 - 142
rules of logarithms 297: 1 - 6,95,96,105,107,108 305: 101
solving inequalities A10: 5,141,142 213: 2,57
polynomial and rational expressions A51: 9 - 12,136,137 180: 6,8
226: 5,116,118
applications of trigonometry 515: 4,5,7,8 523: 3 - 8
analytic trigonometry
estimations A13: 147,148,150
verbal and symbolic representations
physics and geometry 591: 3 - 6,15,16,18,19,21,22


Following every absence, a student must complete and submit an Absence Work Sheet
within two class meetings after returning from the absence. The copy of the Absence
Work Sheet can be found on the next page. If the Absence Work Sheet is not submitted
within the two class periods, then the student will receive a grade of zero for the day of the
absence AND an additional deduction of ½ of the daily grade will be taken from a previous
or subsequent class day when the student was present.

When submitting the Absence Work Sheet, there are two optional attachments. If the
Absence Work Sheet and both completed attachments are submitted, then the student
can earn up to ½ of the daily grade from the missed class period. If only one complete
attachment is submitted and the other is not submitted, is not correct, or is not complete,
then the student can only receive zero to ¼ of the daily grade.

One attachment must be the lecture notes, examples, and in-class work sheets from the
class period you missed. All this information should be obtained from a reliable fellow
student, but all notes and work must be done by you and must be in your own
handwriting. No xeroxed copies will be accepted.

The second attachment will be the completed homework assignment that was due on the
date of the absence. Since this homework will be submitted late, it will not be graded and
will, in and of itself, receive no grade. However, if the completed homework assignment is
not submitted, you will not earn ½ of the daily grade and, in fact, may receive a zero for
that day.

The Absence Worksheet must be submitted for every absence. The two attachments
consisting of the class work and homework should be submitted if you want to receive a
nonzero grade for the missed class period.

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