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When was Algebra Invented


Ancient Egyptian mathematics is based
on the Rhind papyrus which was written
about 1650 B.C.

Linear equations with one unknown could
be solved through “the method of false

The algebra did not use symbols…they
were stated and solved verbally

al-jabr can be translated to
“restoration” or “completion”

Latin version of the Arabic word al-jabr
can be translated to “the science of

Moroccan Arabs introduced the word
“algebrista” (used in Spain) which means
”restorer of broken bones, bonesetter.”
Bonesetting and bloodletting were done
at the barber shop so the barber was
known as an algebrista

This is why the barber poles are
“bloody” red

During the ninth and tenth centuries,
Abu Kamil shows calculations of complex
area problems which solves three nonlinear
equations with three unknowns

The ancient Babylonians solved
quadratic equations by some of the
same procedures taught today.

Algebra can be divided into classical
algebra-equation solving and finding the
unknown and abstract or modern
algebra- the study of groups , rings and


The earliest algebra is the Egyptian Rhind Papyrus
(c.1700 BC).

Algebra most likely originated in Babylonia
820 AD The Arabic scholar al-Khwarizmi is
credited with beginning Algebra. Al Khwarizmi
used earlier Hindu mathematical ideas as well as
other earlier works.

Musa al-Khwarizmi who lived from 780--850 A.D.
is considered one of the greatest mathematicians
of all times .

Al-Khwarizmi wrote one of the first Arabic
algebra books which was a systematic
documentation of the basic theory of equations,
with both examples and proofs.

The origins of algebra can be traced to the
ancient Babylonians. This is where early
developments of an advanced arithmetical system
were created. This allowed the ability to perform
calculations in algebra . They were also able to
apply formulas and calculate solutions for unknown
values in problems typically solved today by using
linear equations and quadratic equations.

Algebra isn’t considered the independent invention
of any single person. It is a field of study that
had numerous significant contributors over many

A significant development in algebra in the 16th
century was the introduction of symbols for the
and for algebraic powers and operations.

Rene Descartes wrote Book III of La géometrie

This book looks a lot like a modern algebra text.
Descartes most significant contribution to
mathematics was his discovery of analytic
, which reduces the solution of
geometric problems to the solution of algebraic

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