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Intermediate Algebra

Text: Intermediate Algebra, A Graphing Approach, 4th ed, by K. Elayn Martin-Gay
(We will be using MyMathLab (MML) online for homework, quizzes and exams, so you have
several choices for how you want to purchase the book. You can purchase a new book from the
bookstore with a MML access code included, or you can buy an individual code directly from the
website or bookstore with an eBook included (but no hard copy of the book).

Prerequisite: Math 91 with a minimum grade of 1.7 or COMPASS algebra score of 47.

Introduction: Math 97 is an intermediate algebra course. After successfully completing this course,
you will be ready for your first college level math course . We will be doing a lot of arithmetic with a
on problem solving so that you will be solidly prepared for your future math courses.

Calculator: A graphing calculator is required for this course. The TI-83 or TI-84 (plus optional)
is recommended. The use of symbolic calculators such as the TI-89 will not be allowed during
exams. Furthermore, the use of all calculators may be prohibited during some exams
(forewarning will be given). Calculators may be rented from the math department for about $30
on a first come first serve basis. To rent a calculator, pay the rental fee at the cashier in building
6 and then take the form to the circulation desk in the library. Bring your graphing calculator to
class every day.

Attendance/Class Participation: Attendance is extremely important to your being successful in
this course. Being a hybrid class, you will be doing a lot of learning on your own, and then we
will review together twice a week in class. If you miss a class, you will have even more material
to learn and understand on your own. Throughout the course, I will call upon students to answer
questions. This will be a very interactive course, so be ready! Please be on-time to class, to
respect your classmates and instructor. Please do not pack up your things early.

MML: Homework and quizzes will be completed online on MyMathLab (MML) on a regular
basis. It is very important that you keep up with the homework and quiz assignments. See the
additional handout on MML for more specific information and the calendar to stay on top of due
dates. In my experience with MML, the students who actually do the assignments do much
better in the class. It’s really up to you how well you will do this quarter.

Group Work: Group work will consist of worksheets completed in class with some of your
classmates. Each group must work together with all members participating and contributing.
Each person has strengths in different areas . Explaining math ideas to others helps improve your
understanding of it as well.

-Tentative dates for the group projects are as follows:

GP 1: October 21tst

GP 2: November 9th

GP 3: November 30th

Exams: Four exams will be given during the quarter as well as a comprehensive final exam. No
make-up exams
will be given except for extreme circumstances, and you must notify the
instructor on or before the day of the exam. These exams will be administered on MML in the
computer lab – room 30-311, and identification must be brought to each exam. (However, due
to the possibility of H1N1 this fall, if you contact me in advance regarding a missed exam, I will allow
you to replace the missing exam grade with a subsequent score. For example, if you missed Exam 2, your
Exam 3 score would be used in place of the missing exam.)

-Tentative dates for the exams are as follows:

Exam 1: Oct. 5th

Exam 2: Oct. 26th

Exam 3: Nov. 16th

Exam 4: Dec. 2nd

Final: Thursday, December 10th, 8:00-9:50 In Bldg 30-311

Other Important Dates:

October 16th - Professional Day – campus closed October 9th – Last day to drop without a “W”.
November 11th – Veterans Day – no class November 25th – Last day to withdraw with W”
November 26-27th – Thanksgiving – campus closed  

Grading: Your final grade is based on the following

Homework on MML 10%
Quizzes on MML 10%
Reviews/pre-tests on MML & Group Projects 10%
Exams 50%
Comprehensive Final Exam 20%


Grading Scale

Class Notes: Copies of the outline of class notes will be available before class each day to print
and bring to class if you like for following along. Because this is a hybrid class, we will be
going quickly through material many times and the handout will probably help you keep up. ☺

Cell Phones: The use of cell phones, pagers, and palm pilots in class is strictly prohibited.
Failure to comply may result in your removal from the classroom.

Math Resource Center (MRC): Students are encouraged to use the MRC (located in Building
26-319) as a place to study and get additional help outside of class and the instructor’s office
hours. This is a great place to work together with students from the rest of the class, or get
tutoring from other students. You can even use MML on the computers in the center.

Special Concerns: If you have any special concerns about this class, please talk to me personally
in my office. The more I know about you individually, the more I can help you be successful in
this course. If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of dis-Ability; if you
have emergency medical information to share with me; or if you need special arrangements in
case the building must be evacuated, please provide me with the Letter of Accommodation you
have received from the Office of Access Services. Access Services is located in Building 6 in
the Student Development Center.

Academic Dishonesty:
Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty are
unacceptable at Highline Community College and may result in lower grades and/or disciplinary
action. It is both your right and responsibility to be familiar with the document entitled: Student
Rights and Responsibilities code WAC 1321-120 adopted by the Board of Trustees of
Community College District 9 on December 17th, 2007.

Course Objectives:

• Know key terms related to the coordinate plane, graph points and lines in the rectangular coordinate system by
• Understand the concept of functions, know the different ways of describing a function, determine domain and
range of functions, and evaluate functions.
• Solve linear equations and application problems.
• Solve linear, compound, and system of inequalities .
• Solve absolute value equations and inequalities.
• Understand the concept of slope , recognize the different forms of the equation of lines, write equations of lines,
and create linear models from a given data.
• Understand complex numbers and perform basic operations with complex numbers.
• Simplify and perform operations on radical numbers or expressions , and solve equations involving radical
• Know and apply the different methods of solving quadratic equations : factoring , taking the square root,
completing the square , and quadratic formula.
• Solve quadratic and rational inequalities .
• Know when and how to use the graphing calculator to evaluate or graph functions.
• Solve application problems related to the topics listed above.

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