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Directions: This card identifies the grade level district standards, provides pacing information, and provides a place for recording
student achievement on each objective. Progress should be recorded at the end of each chapter. Each objective’s math strand is listed
immediately following the objective, e.g. [NUM] = number sense . Reteaching, Relearning, and Retesting apply to all students who
earn a mark of 2 or lower on an objective .


4 = Exceeds district standards 3 = Meets district standards
2 = Approaches but does not meet district standards 1 = Does not meet district standards
First Quarter
# Mark Objective Assessment
4 3 2 1
Chapter Ten (Add and Subtract Fractions ) 7 days
10.2         Add fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators . [COMP] [MAT] [CRT] Test:
10.3         Add fractions with unlike denominators . [COMP] [MAT]  
10.4         Add mixed numbers with unlike denominators. [COMP] Retest:
10.5         Subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators. [COMP] [CRT] [MAT]  
10.6         Subtract fractions with unlike denominators. [COMP] [MAT] [CRT]  
10.8         Subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators. [COMP]  
Chapter Eleven (Add and Subtract Decimals) 5 days
11.1         Add and subtract decimals. [MAT] Test:
11.2         Add decimals through thousandths. [COMP] [MAT] [CRT]  
11.3         Subtract decimals through thousandths with and without regrouping. [COMP] [MAT] [CRT] Retest:
11.5         Choose a computation method to solve a problem. [PS]  
Chapter Twelve ( Multiply and Divide Fractions ) 7 days
12.1         Use area to find the product of two fractions Test:
12.2         Find the product of two fractions. [COMP] [MAT] [CRT]  
12.3         Find products of fractions and mixed numbers. [COMP] [CRT] Retest:
12.4         Use models to divide with fractions.  
12.5         Use the reciprocal to divide fractions. [COMP]  
12.7         Use a diagram to solve problems. [PS]  
Chapter Thirteen (Multiply Decimals) 6 days
13.1         Use models to explore multiplication with decimals. Test:
13.2         Find the product of a whole number and a decimal. [COMP] [CRT] [MAT]  
13.4         Find the product of two decimals. [COMP] [MAT] [CRT] Retest:
13.5         Decide when to write zeros in the products of decimal factors . [COMP]  
13.6         Review how to decide if the answer to a problem is reasonable. [COMP]  
Chapter Fourteen (Divide Decimals) 6 days
14.1         Use models to show the relationship between dividing fractions and decimals. Test:
14.3         Use patterns to multiply and divide by powers of 10. [COMP]  
14.4         Divide a decimal by a whole number. [COMP] [CRT] Retest:
14.5         Write one or more zeros in the dividend to help solve division problems. [COMP]  
14.6         Decide how to write the quotient to solve a problem. [PS]  
Chapter Fifteen (Plane Figures and Geometric Concepts) 8 days
15.1         Identify and label points, lines (parallel, perpendicular, intersecting), line segments , and rays.
15.2         Measure, draw and classify angles. [GEOM]  
15.3         Classify triangles and find missing angle measures in a triangle. [GEOM] [CRT] Retest:
15.4         Identify congruent figures and congruent parts of figures. [GEOM] [MAT]  
15.5         Identify, classify, and compare polygons. [GEOM] [MAT] [CRT]  
15.6         Identify and model translations, rotations, and reflections. [GEOM] [MAT]  
15.8         Draw circles and identify parts of circles. [GEOM] [CRT]  
Chapter Sixteen and Seventeen (Perimeter and Area, Solid Figures, and Volume) 8 days
16.1         Find the perimeter of plane figures. [GEOM] [MAT] [CRT] Test:
16.2         Use a pattern to solve a problem. [PS] [MAT]  
16.3         Use a formula for the areas of parallelograms. [GEOM] Retest:
16.4         Find and use the formula to find the area of a triangle. [GEOM] [MAT]  
17.1         Identify solid figures and features (vertices, faces). [GEOM] [MAT] [CRT]  
17.5         Solve problems by first solving simpler problems . [PS]  
17.6         Use a formula to find the volume of a cube , a rectangular prism, and a triangular prism. [GEOM]  

Chapter Eighteen (Ratio and Proportion) 6 days

18.1         Read, write, and simplify ratios. [ALG] Test:
18.2         Use multiplication and division to find equivalent ratios. [ALG]  
18.3         Compare two quantities with different units . [ALG] Retest:
18.4         Learn what a proportion is , how to form cross products, and whether two ratios form a proportion.
18.5         Interpret scale drawings and identify similar figures. [ALG] [GEOM] [CRT] [MAT]  
Chapter Nineteen (Percent) 5 days
19.1         Understand percents as ratios Test:
19.2         Relate fractions, decimals, and percents. [NUM] [CRT] [MAT]  
19.3         Use fractions, decimals, and percents to compare numbers. [NUM] [CRT] Retest:
19.4         Use mental math to find 10% and multiples of 10% of a number. [COMP]  
Chapter Twenty (Probability) 6 days
20.1         Use organized lists, tree diagrams, and multiplication to find all the possible combinations of given
items. [DAP]
20.2         Describe the probability of an event. [DAP] [MAT] [CRT]  
20.3         Use fractions to find theoretical probability. [DAP] [MAT] Retest:
20.5         Determine the experimental probability for a given set of data  
20.7         Use data to make predictions. [PS]  
Chapter Twenty-one (Equations) 4 days
21.1         Determine what happens when you perform the same operation on both sides of an equation.
21.2         Write and solve equations. [ALG] [MAT]  
21.3         Write an equation to solve a problem. [ALG] Retest:
Chapters Twenty-two and Twenty-three (Integers and Coordinate Graphing ) 8 days
22.1         Identify integers and find absolute value of an integer . [ALG] Test:
22.2         Use a number line to compare integers. [NUM]  
22.3         Use counters to model addition of integers. Retest:
22.5         Add integers. [ALG]  
22.4         Use counters to model subtraction of integers.  
22.5         Subtract integers. [ALG]  
23.1         Graph ordered pairs in the four quadrants of the coordinate plane. [ALG] [CRT]  


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