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Intermediate Algebra

Course Description
Intermediate Algebra presents algebraic skills for MAC 1105. Topics include: linear equations and
inequalities in two variables and their graphs, systems of linear equations and inequalities, introduction to
functions, factoring , algebraic fractions , rational equations, radicals and rational exponents, complex
numbers , quadratic equations , scientific notation, applications of the above topics and the communication
of mathematics. Applications emphasizing connections with other disciplines and the real world will be

Name: Jason Choi
Phone: 407.582.1013Office & Hours: 3-238
M W 1 – 2:45 PM, 4 – 5:15 PM
T R 9:50 – 10:50 AM
F 9:50 – 10:50 AM, 1 – 2 PM

or also by appointment

Required Materials
* Text: Intermediate Algebra, 10th edition, by Lial, Hornsby, McGinnis

* Calculator: You will need a scientific or graphing calculator for this course . If you plan to continue
studying mathematics, you might consider purchasing a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator now, as it is the
most frequently used model in the “Gordon Rule” math courses . If you are receiving financial aid it may
be possible to utilize some of your funds to purchase your calculator. Check with the financial aid office
for more information.

* MyMathLab redemption card: included with new book purchase. You may purchase a MyMathLab
student access kit from the bookstore or online if you do not have a redemption card

* MAT1033C Lab Manual

* I am here to help you succeed in this class. Please ask questions regularly!

* The person next to you may know something you don’t. Form study groups, and help each other out!

* The West Campus Math Center is in building 7, room 240. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00
p.m. Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturday, and
from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sunday. There you will find Valencia math department staff, peer tutors,
study rooms and other comfortable work areas for study group meetings , computer-based tools as
available for your text, and support materials for checkout with your VCC identification card.

* Peer tutors in the Math Center are available for walk-in assistance, no appointment necessary. Peer
tutors are available for individual appointments as scheduling and funding permit. Ask for details at the
Welcome Desk in the Math Center. Tutors have been trained to use techniques that help you become an
independent learner. They have been instructed to guide you through the problem solving process and
utilize the materials you have available through your course. They may help you by asking open ended
uestions, walking you through examples in your text, or (hopefully on rare occasions) using pencil and
paper to show you how to solve a problem similar to one you are working on. Since the tutors’ goal is to
help you become an independent learner, they will let you do the work as much as possible. The learning
process requires a regular investment of your time, and patience is the key.

* MyMathLab has additional resources as well, including video explanations of the material and practice
problems. Please take your MyMathLab redemption card with you to your Open Lab orientation. You will
use the software as part of your lab experience.

Class Policies

* You are expected to attend every class meeting, unless an illness or emergency makes it impossible for
you to do so.

* You are responsible for any information and/or assignments given during class, whether you are present
or not. The other students in your class are pretty cool. Please ask them about what you missed.

* You may not be allowed to make up assignments that you miss due to an absence.

* You are expected to be in class on time, and to remain in class for the entire period. If you must leave
the room, please do so in a non-disruptive manner.

* You are encouraged to actively participate and ask pertinent questions during class. Courtesy will be
observed at all times .

* Your attitude will greatly affect your ability to succeed in this course. It will also affect your classmates’
attitudes should you choose to participate in class discussions. Always consider this carefully before you
speak or act.

* Cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices (aside from calculators) are not permitted to be on during
class. You should unplug yourself and make the most of class time! Personal electronic devices disrupt
your learning as well as the learning of other students.

* To create a good environment for learning, avoid sidebar conversations with other students, rude
comments or remarks, raised voices or confrontational comments.

* If your actions in class are deemed by your instructor to be disruptive, you will be asked to leave class
immediately. If you are ever asked to leave class, you may be permitted to return to future class meetings
after consultation with your instructor outside of class. You may also be required to arrange a conference
with another college official before attending class again.

Academic Honesty
* All tests and graded assignments are to be exclusively your own work, unless you receive instructions to
collaborate. Using any human, written, electronic, or other resource in any manner not explicitly
authorized by the instructor will result in a grade of zero on the test (s) or assignment(s) involved. All
materials in your work area during testing are subject to thorough and unannounced inspection by the
instructor. If you are caught cheating, I will recommend your expulsion from Valencia.

* Completion of homework on a regular basis is crucial to your understanding of the material in this

* Homework for each section covered will be assigned for you to complete on MyMathLab through
CourseCompass. It will be due on each test day, for all sections covered on the test. Late work will not
be accepted.


* You must complete each test within the time allotted during the class period.

* If you do not have an excused absence for a test, you will receive a zero.

* If you have an excused absence for one test, your score on the corresponding section of the final exam
will be used in place of the missing progress test score for computation of your progress test average.

* If you know you will ahead of time that you will have to be absent on a test day, it is your responsibility
to tell me before the test, as soon as possible. If you wait until after the test, you will receive a zero.

* If you have an emergency or become suddenly ill before a test, you must call my office and leave a
message or write an e-mail to inform me as soon as possible. You must provide documentation for your
absence upon your return…

Examples of situations that will excuse you from missing a test: Examples of situations that will NOT excuse you from missing a test:
You are vomiting uncontrollably. You have a cold.
You go to the emergency room. You have a headache.
Your house is on fire. You overslept.

* All materials in your work area during testing, including electronic memory, are subject to inspection by
the instructor.
* Your final exam is on Friday, May 1st, 10 am – 12:30 pm.

Lab Component

* This class has a required lab component that will count for 15% of your course grade. Visit the Math
Center’s Open Lab in 7-240 for a minimum of 50 minutes per week for Fall full term classes , document
your time properly on an in-lab computer, and work with Lab Instructors as directed to earn your lab

* The Open Lab hours are:
Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

* The deadline for withdrawing from class with a grade of “W,” if you are eligible to do so, is March 20,
2009. After that deadline, you must withdraw from class before April 26, 2009 to receive a grade of either
“WP” or “WF,” depending on your average on the date of your withdrawal.

* If you are eligible to withdraw from this class, do not withdraw, and do not take the final exam, then you
will receive a grade of “F.”

Special Accommodations

* Students with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a letter from the
Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and discuss specific needs with the professor, preferably
during the first two weeks of class. The Office for Students with Disabilities determines accommodations
based on appropriate documentation of disabilities (West Campus SSB 102, extension 1523).

Course Grade Determination
Five Progress Tests 60%
Comprehensive Final Exam 15%
Homework 10%
Lab 15%

The following scale will be used for graded assignments and the course grade:
90 - 100% A
80 - 89.9% B
70 - 79.9% C
60 - 69.9% D
Below 60% F

Valencia Core Competencies
Valencia Community College wants graduates to possess and demonstrate a set of global
competencies including the ability to THINK, COMMUNICATE, VALUE AND ACT . In an effort to
help you acquire and improve your ability to demonstrate the competencies this course will
include activities that require you to:

1. Think clearly, critically and creatively.
2. Communicate with others in written and verbal form.
3. Make reasoned value judgments and responsible commitments.
4. Act purposefully, reflectively and responsibly.

Changes in the syllabus , schedule, and/or assignments for this class may be made at the
discretion of your instructor.

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