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Technical Mathmetic


The course is designed for students in technical programs who have minimal
mathematics backgrounds ( pre - algebra arithmetic skills). The course is designed to
give the student an understanding of introductory algebra covering topics such as
polynomials, linear equations and their solutions, solving systems of linear equations,
factoring, and quadratic equations. Also, the metric system, ratio and proportions ,
geometry, and trigonometry will be emphasized. A large number of applications will be
integrated throughout the course.


MAT 051 or assessment


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

 1. Use the Metric system in solving problems.
 2. Convert from one unit to another within the Metric system.
 3. Perform conversions between the Metric and English systems of measurement.
 4. Perform the basic operations involving polynomials.
 5. Be able to factor polynomials , specifically binomials and trinomials, as well as be able to determine those polynomials that are not factorable .
 6. Solve linear , rational, and quadratic equations in one variable.
 7. Solve systems of linear equations graphically and algebraically.
 8. Use slope, slope- intercept form and/or point slope form to find equations of lines.
 9. Use algebraic techniques to solve practical (real-life) problems.
 10. Demonstrate an understanding of basic plane geometric shapes by finding perimeter and area.
 11. Complete the surface area and volume of specific solids.
 12. Use trigonometry to solve problems involving triangles.
 13. Use graphs and charts to interpret results as they apply to real -life situations.
 14. Solve problems dealing with ratio, proportion, and variation.


Topics to be covered in this course include:

A. Decimal Fractions
 1. Powers of 10 and Scientific or Engineering Notation
 2. Percent

B. The Metric (SI) System
 1. Introduction to the Metric System
 2. Length
 3. Mass and Weight
 4. Volume and Area
 5. Time, Current, and other Units
 6. Temperature
 7. Metric and English Conversions

C. Polynomials
 1. Fundamental Operations
 2. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
 3. Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials
 4. Multiplication of Monomials
 5. Multiplication of Polynomials
 6. Division by a Monomial
 7. Division by a Polynomial

D. Equations and Formulas
 1. Equations
 2. Translating Words into Algebraic Symbols
 3. Applications Involving Simple Equations
 4. Equations with Variables in Both Members
 5. Equations with Parentheses
 6. Equations with Fractions
 7. Formulas
 8. Substituting Data into Formulas

E. Ratio and Proportion
 1. Ratio
 2. Proportion
 3. Direct Variation
 4. Inverse Variation

F. Graphing Linear Equations
 1. Linear Equations in Two Variables
 2. Graphing Linear Equations
 3. The Slope of a Line
 4. The Equation of a Line

G. Systems of Linear Equations
 1. Solving Pairs of Linear Equations by Graphing
 2. Solving Pairs of Linear Equations by Addition
 3. Applications Involving Pairs of Linear Equations
 4. Solving Pairs of Linear Equations by Substitution

H. Factoring Algebraic Expressions
 1. Finding Monomial Factors
 2. Finding the Product of Two Binomials Mentally
 3. Finding Binomial Factors
 4. Special Products
 5. Finding Factors of Special Products
 6. Factoring General Trinomials

I. Quadratic Equations
 1. Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
 2. The Quadratic Formula

J. Geometry
 1. Angles and Polygons
 2. Quadrilaterals
 3. Triangles
 4. Circles
 5. Radian Measure
 6. Prisms
 7. Cylinders
 8. Pyramids and Cones
 9. Spheres

K. Trigonometry
1. Trigonometric Ratios
 2. Using Trigonometric Ratios To Find Angles
 3. Using Trigonometric Ratios To Find Sides
 4. Solving Right Triangles
 5. Solving Oblique Triangles: The Sine Law
 6. Sine Law: The Ambiguous Case
 7. Solving Oblique Triangles: The Cosine Law

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