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Course Syllabus for Intermediate Algebra

Course Description

Basic algebraic functions. Includes lines in the plane, systems of linear equations, inequalities,
polynomials, rational expressions and equations, and radical expressions and equations. Also
includes quadratic equations, literal equations, exponents and logarithms, and optional topics.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:

1. Differentiate lines, equations of lines, and graphs of lines. Write an equation of a line. Given two
points in the plane, find the distance and midpoint between them.
2. Solve systems of linear equations in two variables graphically and algebraically.
3. Solve inequalities, including compound inequalities, inequalities using absolute value, and linear
inequalities in two variables.
4. Factor polynomials using advanced techniques; solve related equations.
5. Simplify rational expressions. Solve rational equations involving quadratic equations.
6. Simplify radical expressions; convert between radicals and rational exponents. Solve radical
7. Solve quadratic equations using completing the square and the quadratic formula; interpret the
discriminant. Graph parabolas.
8. Solve literal equations.
9. Convert between exponential and logarithmic forms. Evaluate exponential expressions and
logarithmic expressions. Graph elementary exponential functions.
10. Define and identify a function and use function notation.

Course Outline

I. Lines in the Plane
II. Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
III. Inequalities
IV. Polynomials
V. Rational Expressions and Equations
VI. Radical Expressions and Equations
VII. Quadratic Equations
VIII. Literal Equations
IX. Exponents and Logarithms
X. Functions
XI. Optional Topics

Required Text Book

Intermediate Algebra, 5th Edition, Blitzer (Prentice-Hall, 2009)

ADA Compliance Statement
Pima Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and educational institution
committed to excellence through diversity. Reasonable accommodations, including materials in an alternative
format, will be made for individuals with disabilities when a minimum of five working days advance notice is given.
For the general public, please contact the PCC information line at 206-4500 (TTY 206-4530); for PCC students,
contact the East Campus Disabled Student Resources Office at (520) 206-7699..

Class Preparation and Policies
To be ready for class, it’s necessary to attend each class, pay attention, take notes, ask questions, do
all of the homework, and study at least one hour every day. Before class, go over the section we are
to discuss in class.
Make sure you are ready for a quiz on the material already covered. You should
bring the textbook and a graphing calculator to each class.

Class Attendance

Attendance is strongly recommended! If you don’t attend 2 classes in a row and you haven’t contacted
me, I might drop you from the course. If you decide not continue with the course at any time during the
semester, it is your responsibility to withdraw at the Admissions Office before the Withdrawal
Deadline (September 30).
After this date I will give non-attending students an F. Should an
emergency necessitate your missing a class, please email me – I check my email regularly, several
times a day. If you miss a class, you should copy someone else’s notes and discuss those notes with
that student or with me. Remember that nobody can learn for you! You are responsible for
knowing what happened during each class, regardless of whether or not you have attended that

Homework: It is strongly recommended doing your homework! I’ll put the problems from your
homework into your quizzes and tests.
Quizzes: There will be unannounced “daily quizzes” given randomly, 15 minutes each. No make-up
quizzes will be given, but I will drop two of your worst daily quiz scores before averaging them.