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Homework on Matrices

This is the worksheet for your Homework on Matrices. It is due on Monday 11/26/07
beginning of class. Please read the following links, if you are not sure how to do them.

4. Can the following matrices be added or not? In each case, write out the dimensions of
each matrix in question. If the matrices can be added, then find the sum.

11. Which of these matrices can be multiplied together and which cannot be? If the
matrices can be multiplied, state the dimension of matrix after you multiplied.

a. A 5 x 4 matrix and a 3 x 2 matrix
b. A 2 x 3 matrix and a 3 x 8 matrix
c. A 4 x 2 matrix and a 2 x 3 matrix
d. A 8 x 19 matrix and a 18 x 9 matrix
e. A 2 x 1 matrix and a 4 x 2 matrix